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Time: Wednesday, June 9 from 16:00 to 17:30
Location: Room 4
Chair: Mat Ford BT Exact (GB)

An IST IPv6 Cluster meeting will be held immediately following the 6NET workshop. This will be an open meeting for any interested party to attend.

The IST IPv6 Cluster is the principal European forum for IPv6-related research projects to present results, share experiences and discuss the key research issues for IPv6 technology going forward. The meeting brings together representatives from the various IPv6-related projects in the IST programme of the European Commission, as well as other parties interested in the state of IPv6 research in Europe. Anyone wishing to make a presentation to the Cluster on recent IPv6-related research work or some other aspect of global IPv6 R&D should contact Mat Ford (matthew.ford@bt.com). Further information about the IST IPv6 Cluster is available at the website http://www.ist-ipv6.org.

Presentations in this session:

  Title Speaker  
1. IST IPv6 Cluster Activities Update Mat Ford, BT Exact (GB)
2. MUSE Project IPv6 Activities Enrique Areizaga, ROBOTIKER (ES)
3. SILK Project Update Peter T. Kirstein, University College London (GB)
4. Implementing IPv6 Multicast Jan Novak, Cisco Systems (GB)
5. SATLIFE & EURO-NGI Project IPv6 Activities Update Dan He, CCSR, University of Surrey (GB)
6. INSTINCT IPv6 activities Peter Christ
7. Euro6IX IPv6 distributed security and auto-transition Jordi Palet Martinez, Consulintel (ES)
8. Euro-Lab, ATHENA and other projects update Sathya Rao, Telscom (CH)
9. Eurov6 project update Antal Bulanza, Universite Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

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