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The setting up of the SEE NRENs, and of their interconnection, realized mainly with the SEEREN (South-Eastern European Research and Education Networking) project needs to be followed by concrete integration of the SEE NRENs, with the CE and the WE NRENs, and by starting a real cooperation for both research and education over all the Central & Eastern European Countries. To this aim, some E-Universities projects have been started in the last 3 years.
First of all, the 16th December 2000, in Ravenna (Italy), under the umbrella of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative (AII) the Ravenna declaration for the constitution of UNIADRION – “Virtual University of the Adriatic-Ionian Basin” has been signed by rectors and their delegates of 20 Universities belonging to Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania (SEE countries), and to Italy, Greece and Slovenia. UNIADRION has been actually established the following year, by creating a cooperative network with one focal point for each country and setting up a series of common e-courses in the fields of cultural heritage preservation, environment protection and sustainable development, cultural tourism, communications and promotions of trade relations. UNIADRION counts today 30 participating Universities. Under the umbrella of UNIADRION the “Adriatic Balcanic Ionian Cooperation on Biomedical Engineering (ABIC-BME) has been constituted in 2002, based on an agreement among 11 Italian and Croatian Universities, from which the “Higher Education in Clinical Engineering” masters' program (SSIC-HECE) has been started, using full e-learning and multivideoconferencing over IP resources. The Alpe-Adria Universities Initiative (ALADIN), signed in 2002 among 4 Universities of Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria and enlarged to Serbia in 2003, started a very powerful research and educational activity over the net, on the following topics: e-commerce, e-health, e-logistics and e-geomatics and e-learning. In 2002 also the Central & Eastern European Initiative (CEEUN) has been started, dealing mainly on economics and development of transition countries, with the participation of about 200 CE/SEE Institutions. Finally, in the current year the University Network of the Central European Initiative (CEI) has been constituted, after the formal decision of the CEI and of the governments of the 17 CE/SEE participating countries. To the service of the UN-CEI, a distributed networking laboratory, extended from the main site of the ANL (Advanced networking Laboratory) of the University of Trieste to satellite laboratories in the Universities of most of the SEE countries is being setting up.



This presentation is part of session "Networking prospects for SE Europe" which starts at Thursday, June 10 @ 09:00


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