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Dark fibre is a strategic asset for research and educational networking. In some circumstances, dark fibre deployment in NREN environment has economical reasons.
We would like to present overview of the most important nation-wide fibre initiatives, based on info from open resources (web, presentations) and on inquiring of key persons. European national-wide fibre footprints and long distance dark fibre lines used by NRENs should be included. Comparison with important fibre initiatives in USA and some other countries will be made.
Presentation will support the exchange on ideas about fibre initiatives in Europe, the methods these people use and possible practical experience gotten out of utilizing / operating fibre networks in the NREN environment (both in a test and production environment). A few networks will be presented in more details.
What is needed for dark fibre deployment in NREN to achieve National fibre footprint in all countries, where it is possible and effective. Overcame of distance is expensive: sharing of expenses. Owning, IRU (available only in some countries), leasing. Should we support fibre producers and fibre providing carriers instead of telco operators? How achieve collaboration of fibre providers, for example in international fibre leasing. Government support is necessary in some European countries to overcame monopoly or dominant position of fibre owner. Experiences with dark fibre procurement. First intercity dark fibre line in NREN environment should be testbed: to have local experience with operating, maintenance, before country-wide procurement etc.
Dark fibre availability for GN2 or GN2 testbed.
National fibre footprint is a basement of CEF network. Next step in bottom – up CEF network design is transmission system. Advanced transmission systems for long-distance fibre lines. Need to have specified a design kit of transmission equipment and solution for CEF networks. Possibility of PC WAN networks. What is the foreseeable future in CEF-networks?



This presentation is part of session "Optical II" which starts at Wednesday, June 9 @ 11:00


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