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IODEF is a format designed to exchange computer security incident related information between CSIRTs. The format started out as a development of TF-CSIRT and has been adopted by the IETF-INCH workinggroup. The past and present of IODEF will be explored as will the envisioned future.

Much of the current data-exchange between CSIRTs, whether it is for acute incident handling, gathering of statistical information, vulnerability information exchange and so on, is based mostly on a free-form or at best ad-hoc formatting basis. Many people perform many copy-and-paste actions of emails into trouble-ticket systems. The general idea behind IODEF is that it should provide an extensible framework to cover the incident-handling related data-exchange between CSIRTs, and enable them to highly automate this process. IODEF in its current incarnation is an XML implementation and describes a datamodel. The first extension to provide real-time DDoS handling is in the works. More information on IODEF is to be found at http://www.iodef.org/



This presentation is part of session "Threat Handling" which starts at Tuesday, June 8 @ 11:00


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