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The EU FP5 SEEREN (South-Eastern European Research and Education Networking) project has resulted in a breakthrough by establishing international connectivitry of the research and education networks in the SEE countries. However, this first step should be followed by a continuous SEE activity dominantly based on national support, and international co-operation partly based on EU support, in order to decrease and gradually eliminate the gap between the SEEREN NRENs and the average European NRENs. Here the history repeats itself: the development of the SEE NRENs should follow, by some ten years delay, the efforts, and also the successes, of the Central-European NRENs (eg. ARNES, CESNET, HUNGARNET/NIIF, PSNC/POL-34), and by some twenty years delay, those of the Western-European NRENs. But history is never exactly copying itself, even by geographic dislocations, into the future. Some deviations from the earlier situations can always be experienced and somewhat different approaches of handling similar problems are always to be applied. In case of such an improved repeating of the development steps having been made by others some ten years before, at least the mistakes of the better developed ones should be avoided by the related SEE NRENs. The contribution tries to provide a model, an overeiew, and some hints about how the SEE NRENs (and also a lot of other NRENs facing similar problems all over the world) can cope with the rapid global development in the field of research networking, and how they can more or less repeat the successful development having been achieved during the past ten years by their Central European partners.



This presentation is part of session "Networking prospects for SE Europe" which starts at Thursday, June 10 @ 09:00


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