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Many incidents have shown that the Internet is not a safe place and does not provide
a secure communications infrastructure. Vulnerability and security are therefore important special topics in this year's conference. In his keynote speech, Jaap van Till will present his views on vulnerability in relation to the dynamics of the Internet. How does it grow, what makes it grow and how can we help it grow stronger.

One of the main conclusions of the KWINT (vulnerability of Internet) study for the NL government was that the thriving information and communication technology developments, especially those of the Internet, have a downside for our society if the vulnerabilities of critical information infrastructures are not properly addressed. In our everyday information-age society, people, organisations, agencies and governments are confronted with threats against, and vulnerabilities of, our information infrastructure and information systems. At the same time, our economy and even our safety rely increasingly on the integrity,availability and reliability of information and communication systems and infrastructures.

One of the things we have to work on to make Internet less vulnerable is a better shared view of what lies 'behind the screens'. Models to present and explain the Internet Infrastructure and how it grows. Where are the weak spots and links. What happens when we connect millions of processes together into a scale-free small world fractal structure? We can let it grow stronger in backbones, connections between IXs and Neigbourhood Area Networks. And in remote poor areas with 'The Weave' access zone using millions of Tellet boxes.

The driving forces behind the success of Internet. Not only the Laws of Sarnoff (Value~N eyeballs), Metcalfe (network effect ~N^2) or Reed (groups ~2^N) apply, but something even stronger between computers and between people: cooperation and correlation which scales value for N participants with ~ N!. "The Trias Internetica". Parallel paths will grow an unstoppable global mind at light speed.



This presentation is part of session "Plenary 2" which starts at Tuesday, June 8 @ 09:00


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