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The University of Twente (UT) in The Netherlands has built a Wireless LAN infrastructure. It consists of 650 wireless accesspoints and covers whole of the 140 hectares of the university campus. This new network facility is part of the 'Wireless Campus' project of the university, and is made possible with financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. It has been built in cooperation with IBM Netherlands and Cisco Systems. The new WLAN infrastructure enables students and scientists of the university to get access to the Internet everywhere they want, on the university campus, in the university buildings , the dormitories, as well as by the poolside and in the campus park. The university already has a state of the art wired infrastructure. All student dormitories have a 100 megabit connection, for example. The university has an internet exchange nearby. The WLAN improves the flexibility and independence of time and location. This powerfully facilitates new ways of teaching. The new bachelor's programme Industrial Design, for example, now provides its students with a laptop and a fast wireless connection, to make use of all possibilities including high-performance CAD software. Students of all programmes use the so-called TeleTOP digital learning environment. These new teaching concepts also enable a more flexible use of teaching rooms.

The university has chosen a 11 megabit standard, with 54 megabit in part of the buildings, and employs the latest security standards for its WLAN network. The 54 megabit option will be introduced at large scale. University of Twente's Wireless Campus aims at a broad range of research and applications of wireless and mobile telecommunication. Apart from WLAN, UT has started experiments with UMTS standard.

The UT wants to use the new WLAN as a 'testbed' for wireless applications. Within the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), the ICT-research of the university is concentrated. This institute has recently started a European research programme concerning applications of mobile telecommunication within healthcare. It is called mobilHealth, and the scientific coordination is within the CTIT.

In the presentation I will address:
- the design of the network
- the installation process, lessons learned
- some configuration issues
- the extension of the network to the city center of Enschede
- WLAN as an access network at other universities. Developed in coorperation with SURFnet and Alfa en Ariss. Based on 802.1x
- management issues, the sub-project track&trace
- testbed, cooperation ProRail and IBM
- user functions and support
- future, voice over WLAN, @@

University of Twente (www.utwente.nl) is a young and entrepreneurial university in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. In its research it chooses a limited number of spearheads, of which ICT and nanotechnology are major topics. UT employs 2,500 people and has over 6,000 students. On its campus, the university has 2,000 student rooms. The university campus is situated between the cities of Enschede and Hengelo, near the Dutch-German border.



This presentation is part of session "Last Mile" which starts at Monday, June 7 @ 16:00


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