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Network monitoring and measurement is increasingly regarded as an
essential function for developing and supporting high-quality network
services, building and improving innovative networking technologies,
analyzing infrastructure trends and user behavior,
and improving the security of our cyber-infrastructure.
Accurate network monitoring systems give rise
to a wide variety of new applications including
provision of early warning for the detection of Internet worms
as soon as they start to spread,
detection of Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks even before
they are launched,
accurate traffic characterization even for applications
that use dynamically generated ports such as peer-to-peer systems,
and accurate traffic weather service for GRID-enabled applications.

Although accurate network monitoring is getting increasingly
important for the reliable and efficient operation
of our cyber-infrastructure, current traffic monitoring systems in Europe
do not provide the information needed to support the above-mentioned
applications. Indeed, current systems focus either on collecting
lossy flow-level statistics, or in actively measuring
latency, bandwidth, error rate and similar properties of network links.

In LOBSTER we will design and deploy a
advanced European Infrastructure for accurate Internet traffic
monitoring. Although such an infrastructure poses challenging research
questions, we believe that we have successfully met these
challenges within the currently running SCAMPI IST FP5 project,
that designed and developed a passive network traffic
monitoring system for speeds up to 10Gbps.
Based on passive monitoring, and capitalizing on our
experience gained in the SCAMPI IST project, the LOBSTER infrastructure will
be unique in Europe and among the only two similar infrastructures that
exist in the world today.



This presentation is part of session "Next Steps" which starts at Thursday, June 10 @ 09:00


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