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Managing a multicast enabled network can become a daunting task because although there are numerous tools and methodologies for monitoring unicast traffic in a network, the same does not hold for the multicast domain. As a result, often much time is devoted by network engineers to trying to ascertain the nature of a problem and where it is located, rather than focusing on solving the problem itself. This outcome is partly due to the lack of efficient tools for the monitoring and presentation of the appropriate variables for monitoring multicast traffic. A novel method is presented for representing the information about the multicast traffic that is flowing through a network. The proposed method is efficient in representing both the quantitative (as in traffic volume that travels through the network) and the qualitative (as in to which group each coefficient of the traffic belongs) state of the multicast network.



This presentation is part of session "QoS Tools" which starts at Monday, June 7 @ 16:00


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