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MIT's announcement to the world in April 2001, that it would be posting the content of some 2,000 classes on the Web to be available to the world for free, is certainly a visible and voluble indicator of MIT's intent to explore and extend technology-enabled opportunities to educational access and
quality. This revolutionary (and daunting) initiative called Open Courseware (OCW) is unparalled in its scope and reach.

OCW, along with a variety of other initiatives such as SMA and I-Campus, that have been launched over the past few years at MIT have the potential to transform higher education in a number of dimensions.

Important infrastructure initiatives have also been launched recently with a view to enabling the sustainable implementation of
these educational programs. A key infrastructure initiative that has
been launched is the Open Knowledge Initiative (O.K.I.)(web.mit.edu/oki. This MIT-led collaborative project is developing
an open architecture to promote the development of portable and sustainable applications that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

This presentation will highlight MITís current IT-enabled educational agenda, along with the infrastructure issues and
initiatives for sustainability. It will provide an overview of O.K.I. and how it promotes the development of portable and sustainable applications.


  • Vijay Kumar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)


  • Vijay Kumar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

This presentation is part of session "Plenary 3" which starts at Wednesday, June 9 @ 09:00


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