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Videoconferencing via advanced research networks and the Internet is now easier and better manageable using the new ITU-T H.350 series of Recommendations "Directory services architecture for multimedia conferencing". H.350 reseults from an Internet2/ViDe video-middleware working group and was endorsed by ITU members from 189 countries. Using LDAP H.350 provides a uniform way to store and locate user information related to VoIP, video (H.323, H.320, SIP as well as proprietary MPEG-based systems) and collaborative multimedia information in a way that integrates with directory and identity management systems already in place at universities, research institutes, large enterprises and service provider networks. The newly standardized technology enables providers to scale-up video and VoIP operations from a couple of dozens endpoints to full deployments. The new standard allows for account and endpoint configuration details, association of individuals with endpoints, authentication and authorization when linked to the enterprise directory, searchable directories (white pages) and clickable dialling.
This presentation will outline the development of H.350, its features and specifications and its use, as shown by real world examples and demo's. Furthermore it highlights the videoconferencing middleware cookbook that resulted as part of the ViDe.Net NSF project with which institutes can set up their own videoconferencing directory services.

The authors and presenters are members of the original team developing the H.350 standard.



This presentation is part of session "Video and Voice Services I" which starts at Tuesday, June 8 @ 11:00


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