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This presentation will provide an overview of the Internet2 Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure (HOPI) initiative, launched in the fall of 2003; review the latest work of the Internet2 HOPI design team which is expected to release its initial draft design in conjunction with the April Internet2 Member Meeting; and detail the results of the initial deployment (in March 2004) of a multi-domain, multi-technology lightpath between the Internet2, CA*net and GEANT network infrastructures.

In planning the furture Internet2 networking infrastructure, we are designing and building a hybrid of shared IP packet switching and aggressive use of dynamically provisioned optical lambdas. We use the term HOPI (for hybrid optical and packet infrastructure) to denote both the effort to plan this future hybrid and the set of testbed facilities we will build to test various aspects of candidate hybrid designs.

The mission of the HOPI Design Team is to provide a technical plan for integrating the HOPI raw materials into a test-bed facility that can provide dedicated bandwidth and an experimental platform for testing future architectures. The initial plan will be written during 1Q04, with implementation to follow soon after. A recommendation will also be developed to provide future direction in this area.

The interdomain implementation of a lightpath between the Internet2 Abilene network, CANARIE’s CA*net and GEANT was done in March 2004. This effort grew out of a meeting between the three organizations to coordinate future development of their respective networks and inter-connections. With CANARIE’s CA*net having already deployed lightpath services to its Optical Regional Advanced Networks (ORANs), Internet2’s HOPI project designing a testbed facility to provide deterministic and dynamically managed paths to network users and the proposed provision of similar capabilities under GN2, the demonstration was undertaken to understand further requirements for collaborative work between the organizations in this area.



This presentation is part of session "Recent Results III" which starts at Tuesday, June 8 @ 14:00


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