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Copyright was invented to serve a noble goal: to stimulate creativity and innovation. The copyright laws of the western world did indeed achieve those goals in an analog world with clearly delineated distribution mechanisms for audio and video.

Now we have entered the digital era. Distribution mechanisms are no longer analog nor linear. People can (and want to) share digital information including audio and video. The old laws, even updated, are no longer in sync with the workings of the digital media. They now seem to stiffle creativity and innovation rather than promote it.

Still we need to make sure that authors get their dues, even in a digital world. Is that a contradiction or are solutions at hand?


  • Erik Huizer, University Twente and University Utrecht (NL)


  • Erik Huizer, University Twente and University Utrecht (NL)

This presentation is part of session "Plenary 3" which starts at Wednesday, June 9 @ 09:00


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