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Name Ulrich Hofmann
E-mail ulrich.hofmann@salzburgresearch.at
Organisation Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H (AT)
Position Head of Advanced Networking Center


1973 Master Mathematics University of Halle (Germany)
1978 PhD “Adaptive Routing in Computer Networks”
1983-1986 Sen. Eng. ROBOTRON Corp.; Projects: Implementation of the IBM Front-End-Processor for X.25-PAD, Z80­Pipeline Operating System
1986-1990 Professor at Technical University Dresden: LAN-LAN Interconnection via X.25
1990-1995 Professor at Univ. Salzburg: LAN-LAN Interconnection via satellite (COST226)
1995-pres. Professor at the Polytechnic University Salzburg Dep. Telecommunication
Teaching and Research in Computer Networks, Queuing Theory
1997-pres. Head of SalzburgResearch ANC: NGI, QoS-Testing, Router-Algorithms
2000-2003 IST AQUILA Workpackage Leader (Distributed QoS Measurements)
2002-pres. Project Manager IST INTERMON, IST MOME

Ulrich Hofmann is a speaker in the following presentations:

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