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Name Norbert Meyer
E-mail meyer@man.poznan.pl
Organisation Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PL)
Position HPC Department Manager


Norbert Meyer (NM) received the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Poznań University of Technology in 1993, and Ph.D. degree at the same university. Currently he is Head of the Supercomputing Department in Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (http://www.man.poznan.pl ). His research interests concern resource management in GRID environment, GRID accounting (Global Grid Forum), data management, technology of development graphical user interfaces and network security, mainly in the aspects of connecting independent, geographically distant Grid domains. NM conceived the idea of connecting Polish supercomputing centres, vision of dedicated application servers and distributed storage system. NM is the co-author of the CERT POL-34 organization (http://cert.pol34.pl). NM is the workpackage leader and member of the Steering Group of the CrossGrid project (IST-2001-32243). He participated in several national projects concerning HPC technology, e.g. being co-author of the project entitled “Creating an access environment for computational services performed by cluster of SUNs” (co-founded by the State Committee for Scientific Research and SUN Microsystems) as well as VLAB - High Performance Computing and Visualisation for Virtual Laboratory Applications. NM is co-author of many project proposals, e.g. industry Grid solutions, eRegion (Technology Exchange and Information Services for Cross Border Regional Co-operation), Clusterix - National CLUSTER of LInuX Systems and CoreGrid (6 FP project in the area of promotion Grid know how– network of excellence) projects. An example of a production Grid is a project proposal done in co-operation with IBM, which concerns the deployment of utility computing in Poland. NM was leading an international project of GUI development for mobile network analysers, done in co-operation with Tektronix (at Poznań University of Technology).
He is also author and co-author of several reports and papers (50+) in conference proceedings, e.g. one of the presentations concerning the Virtual Users Account System was awarded at the HPCN 99 conference in Amsterdam.

Norbert Meyer is a speaker in the following presentations:

Last updated: Friday, March 26, 2004

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