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Name Octavian Rusu
E-mail octavian@iasi.roedu.net
Organisation RoEduNet Iasi Branch (RO)
Position Director


Octavian Rusu, professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania, is the manager of the university's Digital Communications Department and manager of the Iasi Branch of the Romanian Education Network RoEduNet. From 1993, he has been working in deploying, building and managing the Romanian Education Network and more specifically in the Northeast of Romania. In this area he contributed to RoEduNet's development. The most important projects associated with this are: the Metropolitan Area Network for education in the city of Iasi and the international gateway between the Romanian national research and education network and RENAM, the similar network in the Republic of Moldova.

Prof. Rusu's areas of interests include: network management models, network security and high-performance computing. Octavian has a Ph.D. in applied physics (high frequencies and microwave devices) at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. He is currently teaching computer networks, operating systems, UNIX and electronic circuits.

Octavian Rusu is a speaker in the following presentations:

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