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[ List of all sessions and speakers ]

Monday, June 7

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Opening Plenary Session
  1. Welcome to the TERENA Networking Conference 2004
  2. Welcome and Official Opening of the Conference
  3. European International Academic Networking - a 20 year perspective
Last Mile
  1. Rolling Out Europe's largest Wireless Campus
  2. Virtual Private LAN Service
  3. An update on UKERNA’s Network Access Development Programme.
QoS Tools
  1. Multicast Traffic Weathermap
  2. High-speed Programmable Monitoring Adaptor
  3. Assessing Active Bandwidth Estimation Tools in High-Performance Networks
Recent Results I
  1. Bidirectional Use of Dark Fibers
  2. Distributed Metainformation Searching: an approach to the information
  3. Moving Grid Systems into IPv6 Era
  4. SURFnet Detective
Recent Results II
  1. Utilising City Card on the Campus
  2. Client-Server-Based Model for PKI-Services
  3. WLAN roaming experiences using Shibboleth
  4. The X.509 attribute Parsing

Tuesday, June 8

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 2
  1. Grids - the Next Killer Application
  2. The Internet as a Vital Infrastructure - How can we help it grow stronger?
Video and Voice Services I
  1. H.350 Directory Services for Multimedia Conferencing
  2. Connective Middleware for Voice and Integrated Communications
  3. Voice over IP quality measurements
Advanced Network Collaboration
  1. A Guided Tour of Access Grid
  2. The Effective Integration of Scientific Instruments in the Grid
  3. Networking Support for Collaborative Virtual Reality Projects in National, European and International Context
  1. An Optical Network Infrastructure Suitable for Global Grid Computing
  2. Distributed Encoding Environment Based on Grids and IBP Infrastructure
  3. Design of a commercial service based on Grid technologies
Threat Handling
  1. IODEF efforts (in the area of security incident handling)
  2. Monitoring Flows on IPv4/v6 Networks
  3. The Changing Internet Ecology: New Threats to Infrastructure Security
  1. AA aspects of the JISC Information Environment
  2. On a Taxonomy of Systems for Authentication and/or Authorization Services (Exploring open problems)
  3. Rolling out Shibboleth to the Swiss Academic Community
  1. Authority, Virtual Organizations and Diagnostics:Bulding and Managing Complexity
  2. Single Sign-on in the Danish Educational Sector
  3. Authentication and access control in Sympa mailing list server
Rollout I
  1. GÉANT2: A New Approach to Networks
  2. National LambdaRail - a fiber-based Research Infrastructure
  3. Practical Experiences in Deploying Fiber and Wavelength Networks
Rollout II
  1. The CERNET Optical Network
  2. ALICE: The Europe-Latin America Academic Networking Lanscape
  3. Seamless Research Networking For The Mediterranean Region - The EUMEDCONNECT Initiative
Optical I
  1. Cost-effective metropolitan area fiber network at the TASK Academic Computer Network in Gdansk
  2. Practical experience of dark fibre networking
  3. Differentiated Optical Services and Optical SLAs
TERENA Activities
  1. TF-PR: Results from the First Non-technical Task Force
  2. Funding for network levels in Europe: overview of results of the Focus Study
  3. TACAR, the TERENA Academic CA Repository
Recent Results III
  1. Realtime Intrusion-Forensics - A First Prototype Implementation
  2. Network Flow-Based Anomaly Detection of DDoS Attacks
  3. A Real-Time Packet Burst Metric
  4. Recent Results from Internet2’s Hybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure Project (HOPI)
MOME Workshop
  1. MOME project overview
  2. Inter-Domain Monitoring (IST InterMON)
  3. SCAMPI - Programmable hardware for network monitoring
  4. Monitoring issues in UNINETT

Wednesday, June 9

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 3
  1. MIT Opencourseware, Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI)
  2. One Step Behind: Copyright and the Internet
Video and Voice Services II
  1. Academic streaming in Europe: Report on TF-Netcast
  2. IP Telephony Cookbook - Final Report
Greedy Applications
  1. Research Channel/Internet2 DVIP Exploration
  2. Ethernet Everywhere: real time networks for the ATLAS experiment
  3. High Bandwidth, Radio Astronomy Data Transport
  1. Implementing SEEREN: A regional MPLS based network in SE Europe
  2. The virtual network operations center and network management framework in SEEREN
  3. The optical NREN of S&M: New solutions in infrastructure and monitoring
Mobility I
  1. WLAN Roaming for the European Scientific Community: Lessons Learned
  2. A roaming Authentication Solution for Wifi using IPSec VPNs with client certificates
  3. Identity-Based Networking
Mobility II
  1. Why Seamless? Towards Exploiting WLAN-based Intermittent Connectivity on the Road
  2. Seamless Multimedia Communications in Heterogeneous Mobile Access Networks
  3. An early adopter of full Wi-Fi coverage on campus
  1. Supporting authorised access to Online Library resources: the University of London experience
  2. Isabel: An Application for real time Audience Interconnection over the Internet
  3. Grid as enabling technology for future learning scenarios: the ELeGI
Optical II
  1. User Controlled Optical Networks
  2. UK Light
  3. Towards a Nation-wide Fibre Footprint in research and education networking
QoS Technologies
  1. On the joint use of new TCP proposals and IPQoS on high BW-RTT product paths
  2. Traffic Engineering through Automated Optimization of Routing Metrics
  3. Class of Service Concepts in Autonomous Systems
Performance Monitoring
  1. Internet2 E2E piPEs Project
  2. Performance and Enhancement Response Team
  3. Performance monitoring of high-speed networks from the NREN perspective
6NET Workshop I
  1. 6NET Update
  2. Euro6IX Update and new activities
  3. Multicasting
  4. Transitioning
  5. Deploying Mobile IPv6 in 6NET
6NET Workshop II
  1. IPv6 Prospects
  2. 6POWER, IPv6 and PLC for home automation
  3. IPv6 Developments in China
  4. IPv6 transitioning management: laying the foundation for managed IPv4/IPv6 interoperation
6NET Workshop III
  1. Performance Analysis of Multicast Mobility in a Hierarchical Mobile IP Proxy Environment
  2. Security of IPv6: from a firewalls point of view
  3. A testbed investigation of QoS mechanisms for supporting SLAs in IPv6
IPv6 Cluster Meeting
  1. IST IPv6 Cluster Activities Update
  2. MUSE Project IPv6 Activities
  3. SILK Project Update
  4. Implementing IPv6 Multicast
  5. SATLIFE & EURO-NGI Project IPv6 Activities Update
  6. INSTINCT IPv6 activities
  7. Euro6IX IPv6 distributed security and auto-transition
  8. Euro-Lab, ATHENA and other projects update
  9. Eurov6 project update

Thursday, June 10

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Networking prospects for SE Europe
  1. Projecting past into the future
  2. Deploying a Grid-enabled eInfrastructure in SE Europe: SEE-GRID
  3. e-University initiatives in SEE
Closing Plenary
  1. Learners - The Most Important Connection
  2. Thanks and Farewell
  3. TNC 2005 - short video about Poznan
Next Steps
  1. LOBSTER: Large-Scale Monitoring of Broadband Internet Infrastructure
  2. Network Control Plane and the MUPPET project
  3. Advanced optical network research in the EU Information Society Technologies Program and the FP5-IST OPTIMIST and FP6 IST-BREAD project
Research Infrastructure
  1. Network and computer infrastructure for research
  2. Protocols for long-distance networks
  3. Networking Challenges to Deploying a Worldwide Grid
Recent Results IV
  1. Integrating multiple wireless access control schemes at NTUA
  2. Near DVD-Quality Video Streaming over Wi-Fi based LANs
  3. Use of Streaming Infrastructure in Distance Learning
  4. Cost Effective IP Network Management Based on XML Authoring
CC meeting Demo
  1. Dynamic Performance Enhancement on scalable Distributed web server systems” web mirroring for docs

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